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Viral Coefficient Calculator


Below is the viral coefficient calculator.  Remember that your marketing campaigns must have a viral coefficient greater than 1 for true viral growth.  This calculator uses members and invites as the viral metrics.

You could replace the concept of members with guest if you are using this for an event, or customers/clients if you are building a database of leads.  You could also easily replace the concept of “invites sent” with “shares” or “retweets” and the concept of invites accepted with “new friends” or “new followers”.  The idea of calculating a viral referral loop is the same in just about all use cases.

Become an Authority – 5 Techniques That Really Work


One of the best ways to sell more books and get more public speaking gigs is to become an authority in your niche. Easier said than done, right.

I’m not here to tell you it’s easy, but I will tell you that it’s not rocket science. These 5 techniques I describe below, combined with a little confidence, consistency, and patience, are all you need to become one of the go to authorities for your target audience.

The Benefits of Influencer Marketing


Influencer marketing has many benefits. The main one being that it’s the secret weapon for businesses who survive with word of mouth marketing. As a result, influencer marketing is a word of mouth “super strategy” that involves getting sponsored messages included in the conversations created by celebrities and “internet famous” personalities with the goal of influencing the buying decisions of their fans.

How Much to Hire a Part-Time Social Media Manager

how-much-to-hire-a-social-media-manageOne of the questions I’ve been getting quite a lot from clients and friends is how much does it cost to hire a social media manager. Usually, this question comes from someone who owns a local business, or a podcast host, author or public speaker building and managing their audience.

When I dig a little deeper, it often turns out what they are really looking for is not purely a social media manager.  Instead, they’re looking for someone to either do lead generation or build brand awareness in addition to basic social media management. With that said, I will break down my response to the cost to hire a part-time social media manager into four categories.

Pinterest now #1 for ecommerce related sharing (plus 10 inspiring website designs)


With holiday shopping in full swing, brick-and-mortar and online retailers are looking for ways to get their products out to the masses, keep people on their site for longer, and make it super simple to accept all types of payment options.  Check out our list of popular ecommerce marketing related articles to help give your business a 4th quarter boost.

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