Don’t Forget This Easy Yet Powerful Marketing Idea

easy-marketing-ideasToday I’m going to share the easiest way to market your products. Chances are, you’ve probably heard this marketing idea before, but didn’t take action because you never heard the startling stat I share below.

We all have a tendency to over complicate things in our businesses.  Especially when it comes to marketing our products. So when we hear a marketing idea as easy as this, we take it for granted because of its simplicity.

Please don’t take this idea for granted today.  Before I go into details, take a look at this chart from the marketing research firm and see if you can guess what the marketing idea is.


This chart is from a report titled US Affluents Seek Deals, Not Luxuries.  When I first read the report I overlooked this particular chart and focused on the charts about affluent consumers.

However, upon further review, the chart above is far more relevant for those marketing products than any of the others.

Do you see it? The first row of chart…the easy marketing idea should jump right out at you.

If you don’t quite get it yet, let me cut to the chase and tell you.

The Easiest Marketing Idea is to Help Consumers Research Pricing

As you can see, practically 100% of all consumers research pricing before they make a purchase.  All you have to do is create a simple content marketing plan that uses this fact as the cornerstone of your content.

Here are 4 ideas on what you could do:

1. Have a blog post or web page on your site with a price comparison chart between you and your competitors

2. Create a blog post series specifically evaluating industry pricing and how it’s trending

3. Break down your pricing in terms of value and share that via email with you customers and prospects

4. Become one of the go to pricing experts for your industry

Getting traffic to your website by helping consumers research pricing is simply the easiest marketing idea you can implement. What are you waiting for?





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