How to get the attention of influential bloggers

how-to-get-the-attention-of-influential-bloggersGetting the attention of influential bloggers is a straightforward process. This process is tedious and requires commitment. I would say there is nothing easy about it.

However, if you follow the process you will successfully get the attention of an influential blogger. Not only that, the influential blogger will likely become your friend as well.  Below is the process:

Step 1: Read Influential Blogs Daily

If you want the attention of an influential blogger, you must first get an intimate understanding of that blogger’s audience.

The best way to do that is to read their blog daily (obvious I know, but it must be said).

To do this, I suggest you start using a tool like or Feedly to stay up to date on all of the blog post from your favorite bloggers.

Step 2: Comment on Blogs Daily

Leaving good comments on an influencer’s blog is a must.   Your comment must also add value and not be self promotional.  This is the only way to get approved and/or get a response back from the blogger.

Do this everyday. Get better at writing smart and witty comments, and you will easily get the attention of an influential blogger.

Step 3: Engage with the Influential Blogger through Email

Subscribe to the blogger’s email list using a branded email address that specifically identifies who you are.  Ideally, the email address you use makes it easy to cross-reference you with the comments you make as well.

Then respond to a few of their emails with questions and comments.  You don’t have to do this often, once a month would be more than enough.

Step 4: Buy the Bloggers Stuff and Write Reviews

The last thing you must do is buy products from the influential bloggers whose attention you want. You also should write a good review then email the link of the review to the blogger.


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