11 Strategic email marketing quotes from the book The New Inbox

strategic-email-marketing-quotesThe essence of strategy is as much about what you don’t do as what you do. It’s the combination of both of these things that allows a business to find a defensible niche in the hearts and minds of their customers.

When it comes to the evolution of email marketing in the new social and mobile world, strategically thinking like this is a must.  Businesses basically have no choice but to be social, and owning the don’ts as much as the dos is a critical part of converting fans, followers, and friends into paying customers.

Simms Jenkins in his latest book The New Inbox puts this particular brand of strategic thinking into a playbook that I think is a must read for all social businesses.

This is why I’m highlighting the quotes in this book that illustrate this strategic thinking best.

1. Email’s the Quarterback

Email’s [the] quarterback position on the marketing field.

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2. You CAN Get Value Without the Click

An email doesn’t have to be clicked upon (or counted as an open) to work and that in and of itself is powerful.

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3. Cut and Paste Can Kill Your Value

Brands that cut and paste content and offers on all platforms dilute the value of opting in to each experience.

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4. The Goal isn’t to be Good At Social Media

The goal isn’t to be good at social media.  The goal is to be good at business because of social media, and integrating with email is a great step in bridging that gap.

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5. Email is Mobile

Email marketers are mobile marketers whether you like it or not

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6. Email Marketing is a profit center

Invest in email marketing as a profit center, not a marketing expense

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7. Don’t Hunt for Profiles, Hunt for Permission

Too often B2B marketers fall into some traps. They buy bad data or spend their time hunting for a profile rather than permission-based leads.

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8. The From Line is as Important as the Subject Line

The from line is the unsung superhero of every email

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9. Successful Email Marketing Requires Preparation

Your emails may be sent every week, but just like any NFL or NCAA coach, merely showing up on game day without full preparation doesn’t cut it.

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10. Your Audience isn’t Waiting for Your Emails

Remember, your audience isn’t waiting for your emails- you are likely interrupting them so you need to offer a compelling reason for them to give you 10 seconds or so.

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11. Don’t Go for the Sale on the First Email

Don’t go for the sale on the first (or second email) – this is a nurturing and relationship game here.

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  1. I appreciated reading your article. I am definitely going to have to pick up that book. It sounds like a good one, I just kind of wish you gave a few extra details to go along with the quotes. I actually came across your post looking for what is a “average” open rate for emails in a particular niche after witnessing some horrible open rates by many marketers. One client sent an email broadcast to over 56,000 subscribers and had just over 600 opens. I thought to myself, at that point…I am not sure I would bother. No wonder most people give up before they even get going.

    • Hi Jacqueline,

      A good open rate is 20%, if you are not getting that rate I would suggest your client start pruning their email list using a series of “win back” campaigns. Reach out to me if you need some ideas on how to help your client do a win back campaign to get those open rates at least back up to the industry standard.

      Also, as far as the book The New Inbox, I wrote a detailed review on my personal blog here.

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