Viral Coefficient Calculator


Below is the viral coefficient calculator.  Remember that your marketing campaigns must have a viral coefficient greater than 1 for true viral growth.  This calculator uses members and invites as the viral metrics.

You could replace the concept of members with guest if you are using this for an event, or customers/clients if you are building a database of leads.  You could also easily replace the concept of “invites sent” with “shares” or “retweets” and the concept of invites accepted with “new friends” or “new followers”.  The idea of calculating a viral referral loop is the same in just about all use cases.

For a detailed example of how to use this viral coefficient calculator, read the article titled The Science of Going Viral Broken Down into One Simple Formula.



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  1. cosmin

    the calculation seems to be wrong, if I start with 100 members, each invites 1,5 in the first round and they get to 250 members. Now each invites 1,5 and then we have: 250 + 250*1,5 = 625

    • It seems you are trying to use a 100% conversion rate in your calculations which is very much unlikely. In this calculator we cap our conversion rate at 99% which is pretty unlikely as well.

      A realistic conversion rate is 50% or less.

  2. I think there are some errors here. The viral coefficient makes sense, but the second 2nd loop onwards doesn’t. It appears to be adding 100 to the final result, which should no longer be occurring. Also, I will echo what other articles say regarding the importance of customer churn, cycle times and market saturation (these have dramatic consequences for viral growth).

    But it still a useful tool.

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