How Much to Hire a Part-Time Social Media Manager

how-much-to-hire-a-social-media-manageOne of the questions I’ve been getting quite a lot from clients and friends is how much does it cost to hire a social media manager. Usually, this question comes from someone who owns a local business, or a podcast host, author or public speaker building and managing their audience.

When I dig a little deeper, it often turns out what they are really looking for is not purely a social media manager.  Instead, they’re looking for someone to either do lead generation or build brand awareness in addition to basic social media management. With that said, I will break down my response to the cost to hire a part-time social media manager into four categories.


How to get the attention of influential bloggers

how-to-get-the-attention-of-influential-bloggersGetting the attention of influential bloggers is a straightforward process. This process is tedious and requires commitment. I would say there is nothing easy about it.

However, if you follow the process you will successfully get the attention of an influential blogger. Not only that, the influential blogger will likely become your friend as well.  Below is the process:

Don’t Forget This Easy Yet Powerful Marketing Idea

easy-marketing-ideasToday I’m going to share the easiest way to market your products. Chances are, you’ve probably heard this marketing idea before, but didn’t take action because you never heard the startling stat I share below.

We all have a tendency to over complicate things in our businesses.  Especially when it comes to marketing our products. So when we hear a marketing idea as easy as this, we take it for granted because of its simplicity.

Please don’t take this idea for granted today.  Before I go into details, take a look at this chart from the marketing research firm and see if you can guess what the marketing idea is.

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